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Farm Visit: Primal Pastures

I recently visited a farm from our hometown of Murrieta, Ca - Primal Pastures. It was actually the farm that really sparked my interest in farming and it was amazing to see it grow! Here is a shoot I recently styled and shot in Southern California....

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Our Move

It wasn't easy and it took us 4 (FOUR - yes I said four)  days of driving to NW Arkansas to get here. We had a tire blow out (that was extremely scary for me) in Kansas and it was hotter than anything I ever felt before. We were exhausted but excited. Excited to finally get our own land and excited to start working on our home. After we arrived in Arkansas we were told we weren't going to be able to close on time (well of course!) So we had to hang out in a RV park. We thought it would be for a couple days and ended up being over a week - not complaining ...

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Folk and Flora Barn Raising

For about 5 years now, my family and I have had the dream of owning our own land, planting a beautiful garden, taking care of our own animals and giving back to our community. After having our own backyard chickens and a small suburban garden we knew that in order to make our dream a reality we had to give up the words "someday," "maybe" and “after we retire.” We knew we were in charge of our destiny and the only way to make anything happen was by getting up and doing it. So we sold our home in Southern California, moved to Arkansas (a state we knew nothing about) and found an adorable 1920's farmhouse. The ambiance was intense and such a dream location for a our future farm. Nestled on 2.5...

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Stylepiration : Farmhouse Bathroom

Even though we haven't closed on our farmhouse yet , I am still very much thinking, planning and dreaming about all the projects the house needs. The kitchen, the bathrooms and a couple room additions are what we will start with and I am having such a fun time pinning all the things I would love to see in our home. The bathroom is a place I want to make a bold statement. I haven't decided if that will mean a dark black accent wall, fun tile or wallpaper but here are some of my favorite bathroom inspirations on Pinterest right now. If your interested you can follow my Folk & Flora board here. Designed by Kirsten Marie Inc Everything about this is perfect! I love the fun floor tile, gold accents and round mirror. Photo...

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