Folk & Flora Farmstead | Farmhouse in Idaho
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Farmhouse in Idaho

Farmhouse in Idaho

We love to stop and look at little farmhouses when we get a chance. We recently found this adorable farmhouse in Idaho and I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. It was little (real little) and wouldn’t have fit our family perfectly but the outbuildings and ambiance was perfect. The owner had recently passed away but the love she put into her gardens was undoubtable. Every tree we were surrounded by were almost all fruit trees (cherries and pear and apple) and she had an abundant amount of berries, grapes and a beautiful flower garden.

I had dreams of owning this place and creating a beautiful community farm but it just wasn’t in the cards. They put the property up for auction and the land was worth more than the house so you couldn’t get a loan on it! BOO

I however did take my time looking at ever detail that made me fall in love with it so I could once day take that love and care found in this home and land and remake it on our own.




July 9, 2016