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This Old Farmhouse

This Old Farmhouse : Starling Meadows

This weekend we checked out an adorable farmhouse built in the 1900's in Caldwell, Idaho. It was great to meet another family that wanted to do the samething we are wanting to do. Homesteading and restoring history! I asked the owner, RachelĀ a few questions about her plans. What made you want to buy a farmhouse and restore it? I was born and raised in Wisconsin and seeing so many different farmhouses around, I always envisioned owning one one day and making it my home. I like old vs. new. When we came across this farmhouse, we knew we had to snatch it up quick! What is the scariest part of renovating an old home? The scariest part about renovating a home is staying on a budget. I always worry renovating this old of a...

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