The mission of Folk & Flora Farms is simple:
* to educate the community about sustainable food choices
* to offer a warm and welcoming gathering place for the community, and
* to provide the community with healthy and high-quality foods while still maintaining a compassionate and humane lifestyle for our livestock.
 Our hope is that our farm will not only be source of sustainable food for the Northwest Arkansas community, but also a place for families from all walks of life to come, gather, and be inspired.

Why Farming?

After watching loved ones die from diseases like cancer and diabetes, we knew there needed to be a change — a change in how we think, and a change in how we eat.

So, we dove in, read books, watched documentaries, and talked to all the farmers we could. What we found was startling.
More than 80%* of all food — produce, meat, and dairy — contains some sort of GMO (genetically modified organism). This has poisoned not only our food, but our own body systems. The tainted food supply in the United States IS causing in increases in food allergies, as well as contributing to more deadly forms of disease like cancer.
We believe it’s time to stand up and educate those around us.

The Movement

As our government-sponsored food system is exposed, the sustainabe food movement is growing. More and more people are conscious about what they are putting in their body, and want to know exactly where their food is coming from. 

At Folk & Flora, we don’t hide anything from you. You and your children can come tour a small farm, meet the people who work hard to provide you with sustainable food, and even try your hand at a little farming yourself.