We were both born in Brasil, and started raising our family in the concrete jungles of suburban America. But soon, the vegetables growing from potted plants in our tiny backyard weren’t enough, and we wanted more space for our chickens — and our three sons! — to roam free. We both wanted a better way to teach our three boys, right down to the two-year-old, the value of hard work.
We wanted to involve them directly in the revival of the farm movement, and to show them a way to recapture the sense of local community that’s slipping away from so many of us in our busy urban lives.
And so we are making Folk & Flora farms a family production — from getting up and helping with the morning chores to seeing how long it actually takes food to make it to their plate. We believe that these core values and lessons have long been gone from the modern family unit, and we are excited about demonstrating and teaching these fundamental farm truths not just to our children, but to the local community at large. After all, the knowledge of what it takes to go from seed to meal will be a lost vocation if we don’t all take responsibility for passing on the farming lifestyle to the next generation. 

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