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June 1, 2017

We have moved out of California twice. Each time to Idaho. The first time around it was because we were newlywed and wanted a standing chance at ever affording a home. It lasted about 9 months. The cold was rough and we missed the familiarity of home. So we moved back.

8 years later the farm itch struck and we decided we would try Idaho again since we now had three boys and what’s more important than providing them a life with adventure and land to roam.

We stayed a year. Turned out I still hated the cold and honestly we didn’t feel like there was enough to do. We felt like the focus was on building houses for those moving vs things to do with the family. Don’t get me wrong, if your an outdoors person you will be in heaven and it’s a beautiful state just not right for us.

So we ended up buying a farmhouse in Northwest Arkansas — Walmart country. It is amazing. People are actually friendly. If you like deep history you will enjoy all of the cute restored homes in Bentonville and the first ever Walmart (Waltons) in the Bentonville square. If you like food you will fit right in — modern, delicious, health conscious restaurants and food trucks are everywhere. Like art? Check out @crystalbridgesmuseum which is free! Kiddos will also LOVE @theamazeum.

But that “ugh I miss just going to the —- (enter familiar California place in this space) ” would hit me and I would think about what I was missing vs exploring and appreciating what Arkansas had to offer.

In my defense, we haven’t had the easiest go of it.

So now that we are in California (while Ericson fixes our farmhouse) I have tried to take advantage of everything available to us.

Last weekend I took the boys to the San Diego zoo and Carter said something that just struck me.

1. Cause it’s exactly Carters personality and

2. Because it’s true
He said – why do people go to different zoos? What’s the difference? You see all the same animals and they do the same things. šŸ˜‚

We actually saw an elephants ear cause he was eating, a tigers head — cause he was sleeping and a hippos butt. The only thing the boys really enjoyed was the snakes (cause they know I hate them šŸ˜‚) and the skyfari. We ended up leaving after 4 hours.

But what he said has made me really stop and think about my attitude. I tend to want to go back to my safe zone when there is a struggle (home = california) instead of stopping and appreciating things that aren’t like home.

NWA has a zoo. It’s not the San Diego Zoo but I bet my boys would enjoy the experience. You get in your car and drive through it while the animals are literally roaming and sticking their head inside your car!

Perspective and a change of attitude is everything. I’m ready to explore, to see, to do and enjoy things that aren’t like home because it’s my new home.

Click HERE to see a video I made of our first month or so in NW Arkansas.

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